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regrets and mistakes, they are memories made

The news that Jared and Gen are expecting a baby boy totally made me tear up. So many emotions! I don't even pretend to understand them. I'm just so pleased and happy with this news. Jared asked that instead of gifts, people donate to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital instead. A fundraiser was set up for them and you can see it and/or donate by clicking here. According to that page, more than $10,000 has been raised, which is AMAZING and makes me so proud of fandom and of the people who love Jared and Gen and, yes ok, of Jared and Gen themselves too.

I've been reading Big Bang fics on my Nook and managed to plow through two this week. For whatever reason, it's making me feel so schmoopy and good and full up on love for fandom. I hope I can keep up the reading, it just makes me feel good inside. I don't even know.

Is there anyone who could help me with some icons? I still want a "that's what she/he/Jensen said" one. I also have a wee sketch someone sent me in the mail that I'd like to scan and have someone with super powers crop appropriately. What other Wincon icons did we brainstorm?? Anyway, if anyone is feeling creative, PLEASE let me know as I am pants in this area.

I am currently baking bread and simmering a huge pot of chili. Good times. In a bit, I've got to get dressed, pick up my mom, and then we're going to visit my friends who lost their Dad this week. It's going to be a tough afternoon, but I've got to see them and hug them and I can't rest another second until I do.

Off I go...happy Sunday LJ.

P.S. As my Mother reminded me this morning via Facebook (!!), there are only seven days left until my birthday! YES!!
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