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you are amazing, exactly as you are

So, I have just been taught discovered that you can send email from multiple accounts via gmail. MY WORLD IS ROCKED. Do you even understand that every single Big Bang email I've sent for the last how many ever years has required me to log out of my own email and into the BB email? And then the reverse again once I was done? NEVER AGAIN. Technology is amaaaazing. (And so are smart friends!)

I've just taken Val to get her staples out. She did great and the vet said everything looked wonderful. YAY. The tech was adorable and said she was such a sweet old lady (which she IS) and that she's always just like "yeah, yeah, hurry up and do whatever so I can get on with my day." Adorable. Love my puppies so much. I am feeling sad for Val though, a bit. She has had three major surgeries (four if you count getting spayed, which I guess really should be counted), and that is a lot for such a tender heart. I hope she doesn't have to have any more pain. *rubs Val's belly again for good measure*

SPEAKING OF MEASURING! I finally found odd-sized measuring cups for a decent price, which I have been searching for for almost a year. WOOT. They will be mine.

Today I am going to make chocolate cupcakes to freeze and decorate this weekend for work pals. Sunday is my birthday (THREE DAYS!) and I am excited for that and for Halloween. This is why I love October. :)

I have such awesome friends, I am so lucky. And I just feel full up on love and affection today. What can I do to make YOUR day better? Tell me, and I will do it. For real. ♥
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