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it's my birthday too

I have had a wonderful birthday so far! Very low key and relaxing, exactly what I was hoping for. I woke up early and naturally, feeling happy and rested. I puttered for a bit and read email and then an awesome J2 Big Bang. Got dressed and headed over to my parent's house.

We had brunch at Spiral Diner, an awesome local vegan restaurant I never get to go to. (They cannot refuse me on my birthday, MWAHAHA!) It was so good. All the staff was dressed in costume, including one large-ish guy dressed in a french maid's uniform, complete with garters and fishnets. It was pretty amazing.

Then we came home and I opened PRESENTS. Got lots of amazing gifts, the biggest being the incredible KitchenAid stand mixer I had asked to get for Christmas. I barely can WAIT to try it out. My favorite gift was some really special family pictures from when I was a baby that Mom had framed for me.

We watched about six episodes of Jeopardy (Shhhh! This is what we like to do. I am at peace with being a nerd.) Then, Mom made homemade, from scratch pizza and it was incredible.

At some point in there, my brother called and had Addison and Drew sing happy birthday to me, which truly is a memory I will hold FOREVER. It was so sweet and adorable. With only slight prompting, Drew even said "I love you Aunt Wendy" just as clear as day. BE STILL MY HEART.

And, of course, all through the day I have received amazing texts and emails and tweets and messages and I don't even KNOW what all from you guys and it has been the highlight of my day/week/year. I will forever and ever be grateful to LiveJournal for bringing so many amazing, wonderful, beautiful, strong, creative, loving people into my existence. You make my life better and I am so honored to call you all my friends. I LOVE EVERYONE, OK?

And now I have to go make frosting for these cupcakes I'm taking to work tomorrow. Then, I'm going to decorate each one individually with a Halloween theme. Should be super fun!

Thanks again for making my day so special guys. It's been amazing. ♥

P.S. As drvsilla pointed out, IT IS MY BIRTHDAY RIGHT NOW. Love it! And y'all!
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