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but if I share my secret, you're gonna have to keep it

I always feel guilty for complaining about an insane life when there are people who effortlessly juggle ten times as much as me. And yet...insane life. I really need to put some focus and attention into organization and figuring out how to be more productive during the day. When doing the dishes feels like it might be a personal tipping point, it's time to re-evaluate!

Last Saturday was the one year anniversary of my library branch's opening. I convinced the manager to throw a branch birthday party. Then, she wanted to hold it for two hours -- HAHAHA. I said no and convinced her to hold activities alllll day long (face painting, crafts, movie, etc.) We did, and it was SO FUN. Exhausting, but fun. We had 663 people come through the door that day, which for a Saturday, for a branch our size, is HUGE. Success!

Sunday was my birthday, which was amazing and I've already posted about it, so....WONDERFUL DAY.

Monday was Halloween. Also awesome. I got to pass out stickers and candy to kids all day at work and then again in the evening at home. Good times! (But also exhausting.)

Tuesday was story time. (Theme = MONKEYS.)

And now, today. I have to clean out and organize the craft closet at work. *shivers* Hopefully I can throw away lots of things as I find that very cathartic. My manager keeps EVERYTHING THAT EXISTS, so it'll have to be sneak-purging. *rubs hands together*

Tomorrow is my day off and I'm going to have a VERY EXCITING adventure in Dallas. More on this later, you will be excited too! It's supposed to be below freezing tomorrow (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?? Go away winter!) so I have plans for birthday-assisted Starbucks on my drive to Big D. It's an hour away, so maybe I will listen to a podcast too. Hmmm!


If you have thoughts on organizing life, on music for car trips, on what I should get my two-year-old nephew for Christmas, Jared Padalecki's dimples, or what I should make first in my brand new shiny mixer....I want to know. Tell me!

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