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Sunday Recs: A whole mess of stuff

Yesterday something bit me on my lower lip. I assumed it was a mosquito (it happened at work, so I feel confident I would have noticed if like, a spider or something was crawling on my face.) Anyway, my lover lip has swelled up about twice normal size. It HURTS. I am so unamused and I have no idea what to do about it. It looks so gross.

Today I am going to cook everything that exists, mainline the first four episodes of Psych that I still have not seen, and read some fic. If my lip wasn't throbbing I'd also drink some tea but I can't drink very well with it all swollen up. ARGH.



  • You Are A Fever by obstinatrix and mistyzeo -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 5,470 words) -- Sequel to Sure to Lure Someone Bad. Before he met Jared, Jensen used to think all Alphas were the same: bossy, arrogant, cocky. But the first time after Jensen’s heat that Jensen rolled them over, put his hand between Jared’s legs, and said, "Your turn," he had Jared panting and squirming and spreading his knees, begging Jensen to stop teasing and fuck him already.

  • You Don’t Need Matches to Burn by dephigravity -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 3,100 words) -- Jensen’s never been one for camping, and Jared’s a pro at roughing it.

  • Dean Winchester's Handwriting by thegeminisage -- Downloadable font that looks like Dean's handwriting. SO COOL.

  • Die Verevulfkindereier by balefully, beckaandzac, rivers_bend, errant_jane, itsthedetails and wendy -- This was our entry for Bad Fic Idol at Wincon this year. I'm pretty sure it makes no sense to anyone, but I still find it HILARIOUS. Also hilarious? The way it was written. We each wrote a 100 word drabble AU. Then we put them all together, numbered the paragraphs, chose numbers at random, and reordered the shuffled mess into this. I know, right???

  • J-Rod Chicon Q&A -- This is a recap from Jared's meet and greet in Chicago, and I love it!

  • Do Some Good and Win a Tweet from Supernatural Jared Padalecki

  • Wincon contact information and social media links for...everything. Check it out!

    Does anyone have a downloadable version of that SPN motel room/Sam running outtake? I would like to keep that and...*hands* Let me know if you have a shareable copy! PLEASE!
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