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I already have been crabby with friends today for no known reason, so I really just want to crawl into a hidey-hole. I need to do lots of baking today, so...it's just me and the stove and all the unwatched episodes of the current season of Dexter. *hides from world*

In other news...did you hear that they are again attempting a Supernatural Creation Con in DALLAS? (Dallas-proper this time, not at the airport!) Next September, just one month before Wincon. My credit card already is weeping in protest. ALL THE SAME, I WILL BE THERE. They haven't put tickets on sale yet, but when they do, you should get one and come hang out with me! Jared and Jensen will be there too! :)

Is anyone watching either Grimm or Once Upon a Time? Are they good? (And, are they different?) I've taped them all but not watched. I get itchy when things pile up on the DVR, so I'm trying to decide what to dooooo. If you watch them, come convince me that I should too!

Recently I listened to chemm80's podfic of neros_violin's J2 fic The Best Thing I Ever Ate. It is SO GOOD! The fic already is one I love deeply, but Chemm's voice really adds so much to the story. Great writing, great reading, great commute! ♥

Thursday I spent the day with my parents. Mom made this incredible from scratch vegetable soup that pretty much feels like eating a warm hug. So good. Then Dad taught me a card game he called 10-9-8 but also said is sometimes called Oh Hell! It was SO FUN. I made them promise we could marathon-play over Thanksgiving, I'm very excited. They are leaving on Tuesday to spend eight days in San Antonio taking care of Addison and Drew while my brother recovers from his surgery. No one else seems tense about that situation except for me, so there you are.

Friday night I went to dinner with two new librarian pals. The whole time we were sitting there chatting, I kept thinking about what cool, smart women they were, and how honored I was to get to join them. It was a fun night.

Now, I am going to clear out my email (totally counts as a chore) and begin my hibernation day. Sometimes? I just need one.
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