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My brother's surgery was yesterday and he came through it fine. They did remove part of his stomach, but they also did a full gastric-bypass. Mom said he was in a lot of pain last night, but should start getting better from here on out. This seems like a lot of money, efforts, and medical stuff for, essentially, weight loss (though this surgery was not optional), but no one else seems to agree so I'm just trying to be supportive. I am most certainly glad everything went smooth.

Also yesterday, I had to go to a meeting at Central, so I decided to listen to reena_jenkins's podfic of bewaretheides15's awesome Get Some (Ink). Guuuuh. Again, a fic I already loved and knew was smoking hot, and the reader added so much to the story. Her drunk-on-lust Jensen voice is the stuff of daydreams. I mean, good gracious! *fans self*

I listened to the first half on the way there and was just getting to the best parts when I had to get out of the car. After the meeting I planned to grab some lunch and take it back to my branch to eat there. It quickly became obvious that wasn't going to work for me. So, I pulled over into the parking lots of an abandoned building to eat and finish listening. I mean, honestly! I'm sure I looked hilarious, just sitting in the car, staring into space, with glazed eyes, holding a forgotten burrito in one hand. It was both ridiculous and amazing. GOOD TIMES.

(P.S. bewaretheides15, if you're reading this, I WANT MORE ABOUT THESE GUYS, PRETTY PLEASE. *gets on knees and begs*)

I did this really cool craft with my story time kids this week. We were talking about recycling, and I had them make an art project out of plastic bottle caps (we had saved up about a thousand) and they got so into it and it was really fun! I love getting to watch the kids be creative and really have fun doing things with no rules. They always come up with something on their own that's better than anything I could have planned.

Today I am off work and going Christmas shopping! I already have promised myself a peppermint mocha and more podfic for the drive. I'm only buying just a few gifts this year, so I really think I can finish today, which would be very exciting! Hopefully it also will be fun and low-pressure.
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