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I have finished my Christmas shopping! *pleased* I bought too much for Addison (as always) but I think I may actually take some of it back, so I'm not even worried.

Today I'm going to venture to Goodwill. I need some hole punches that are in shapes (do you know what I mean?), but I'm much too cheap to PAY for them, so I'm hoping to find a few hidden in the crafty stuff. It could happen! I also want a basket for my measuring cups, which are threatening to take over the entire kitchen.

Then, tomorrow I start cooking for the various Thanksgiving meals I am providing food for. Very exciting!

Last night I watched Kelly Clarkson's Unplugged concert and it was SO GOOD. Her voice is just amazing. I loved seeing her in concert a couple of years back. It was just her and a band. She doesn't dance or even banter that much, we sat down through the whole show. It was so nice just to let her gorgeous voice wash over me and listen.

Regarding Supernatural...you guys already know I love Sam. Nothing is going to change that. I love Bobby too. I haven't always, but I think meeting Jim Beaver a few times at cons sealed the deal. Now, I think the show would really lack without Bobby's character. We shall see, of course. I also will say straight out that when Dean mentioned Castiel in this week's episode I was all..."!!!!" because I FORGOT HE EVEN WAS ON THE SHOW. I wasn't ever attached to him though, you guys also already know this too.

I feel certain Genevieve is going to give birth March 3 or 4. Is there a betting pool? HAHA.

In conclusion: Jared Padalecki's dimples. (Always relevant.)
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