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so watch and learn, I won't show you twice

Between when I went to bed last night and now, there were seven posts on my flist. SEVEN! Including communities. So sad y'all.

I had a fabulous Thanksgiving. It was just me, Mom, and Dad, and we ate tons, played cards, watched a movie, laughed lots, made plans for Christmas...it was just a very nice day.

Friday I spent all day reading awesome fic, eating mashed potatoes, and watching a Project Runway marathon. (It was the stellar Christian Siriano/Chris March season, which I loved. I had forgotten how great the show was back when all the designers were nice people AND they had talent. Amazing.)

Today I am back to work. I predict that the children will be whipped into a frenzy of boredom and energy. I predict having to kick all the tween boys out for being CRAZY. We shall see!

Anyway, back to fic...I haven't had a binge-read like that in a long time. It felt SO GOOD. Hey boys, I missed you! (Also, again, so many creative and talented people in our fandom y'all! It is never not impressive to me.)

I inexplicably woke up at 6 a.m. today. Just...*BING*...wide awake. Which means I maybe have time to read MORE fic before work. *rubs hands together*

Happy Saturday!
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