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I need you to hurry up now, 'cause I can't wait much longer

Good gracious, the last two days have been INSANE. I had meetings both days and was gone from the library most of both of them. Thinking about how torn up my section will be when I return makes me want to weep. Also, I'm on this one planning committee that is NUTS and the moderator refuses to make decisions (she thinks the committee should do that), so it's a lot of us all staring at each other while I make sarcastic remarks the entire time. SIGH. Frustrating.

Today is my day off, which...YAY! I'm getting my hair cut and colored, marathon grocery shopping, making chili, making biscuits to go with the chili, experimenting with a cookie recipe and then, somewhere in there, I also have to wrap Christmas presents, figure out how to use Skype (HAHA), do laundry, AND, at some undetermined point, annkiri is arriving for a brief visit! Awesome, but still stressful.

I'm ready for a hibernation day!!
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