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I love that in December, all of a sudden, it's like....MUST SEE EVERYONE. We're all busy, but people just seem to be out and about as it gets closer to the holidays. Here are the things I'm looking forward to this December:

  • Visit from annkiri. (She's upstairs asleep right now!!)
  • Chili party at work. (Also, possible fangirl chili cook-off planning!)
  • Continued wincon planning with awesome people.
  • Not one, not two, but THREE dinners with various library pals. (One of whom is my roller derby friend who is pregnant. Baby belly!!)
  • Book club holiday party.
  • Making chocolate cupcakes with peppermint frosting.
  • Dinner with Jai and her mom and my mom. (First time we've seen them since the funeral.)
  • Dinner with zubeneschamali.
  • Refusing to give up hope that I can work out a way to see neros_violin.
  • Christmas high tea with my mom.
  • Starbucks red cups.
  • Attempting to again clear out all of my To Be Read bookmarks before the end of 2011.
  • Cold weather makes Max and Val extra snuggly.
  • insmallpackages wish granting!
  • Instead of a potluck, my branch voted to have breakfast at IHOP, which I am stoked about!
  • Getting to be on the branch Christmas card!!
  • Executing story times all month long that have been pre-planned. (I worked ahead! *puffs up chest*)
  • Trip to San Antonio.
  • Addison and Drew's faces on Christmas morning!! BEST. EVER.

    Phew! Good times y'all, good times!

    What are YOU looking forward to in December?
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