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Yesterday morning I got to do a little shopping (both for gifts, and for myself) and then I came home and did housework and made some cookies and watched some bad reality TV.

My mom's book club holiday party was that evening, which I know sounds lame and stuffy, but really is a big deal, and super fun. It's at mom's house, so even though I'm not in their book club, I go every year to help her run things.

First, I must note that I got dressed in a cute new shirt and an awesome new bracelet. I was having a super good hair day and even put flowers in my hair! I looked super adorable, if I do say so myself, and I DO! *grin*

Anyway, I love this group of women. They're all ages (I'd guess maybe 30-80), all sorts of professions and life experiences, they like wine and there were about 15 various bottles brought in, my parents do not drink at all, so it was sort of odd and hilarious to see the pile growing bigger and bigger.

I think party etiquette is so hilarious too. Like....how do you bring food to a party but bring none of the STUFF that goes with it??? Example: the woman who wanted to make mulled wine. She brought the wine and an orange. My mom had to provide cinnamon, a saucepan, a knife, and mugs. Or the woman who brought dip but nothing else. Mom had to provide a bowl and crackers. It's just weird. Also hilarious, but mostly sort of weird. BRING YOUR OWN STUFF PEOPLE.

They also do a gift exchange-thing. When I was young, we called it a Chinese gift exchange, which I know cannot possibly be a PC term anymore. What's the new name of this game, anyone know? They called it a White Elephant gift exchange last night, but to me, a White Elephant is when you use crappy gifts, or re-gifts. These were all new and lovely things. ANYWAY. This story is so long but the upshot is that there was an extra gift and they gave it to ME, and it's a sparkly, zebra-print wallet and I loooove it!

My December is cram-packed with parties and get togethers and dinners and seeing people. I have decided to put all my stress aside and attempt to enjoy it all as much as humanly possible. Having fun with my friends and getting into the holiday spirit is far more important than doing the dishes or making cupcakes. All that stuff can wait. This month is for making memories. I'll sleep in January!

Let the good times roll!
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