August 3rd, 2006

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

The Wincest Age Line

So I just had dinner with txtequilanights and ladydisdain225 and they are ADORABLE. And I get to see them again tomorrow and Lindsay, WE WILL CALL YOU THEN.

At one point, we were sitting there, in the middle of Olive Garden, and Rach and I were discussing poisontaster's story In For a Penny.

Specifically, we were discussing Sam's age (and you were right Rach, I was wrong.)

But at one point, we weren't sure we were talking about the same story so we were trying to describe the action without describing it, as we were surrounded by old people and the restaurant was dead quiet. We got to laughing and sputtering and pretty much got hysterical trying to talk all the way AROUND the storyline. ladydisdain225 was just laughing AT us. We finally had to get up and walk outside so we could discuss it WITH ACTUAL WORDS.

OK, but the whole POINT is that Rach said poisontaster moved her Wincest Age Line. That it used to be 15 for Sam, but now? 12. My response was, "There's a line??"

So here's what I want to know from you...

-How young is too young for Wincest?

-Have you ever read younger than 12? (not gen KNOW what I'm asking here.)

-Other thoughts on the Age Line?
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