October 28th, 2006

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Proof That Fangirls Are Dirty

The other day I posted a poll about dirty fan girls and their masturbatory habits. (I KNOW, I’m still facepalm-ey about it.) But I promised a recap of the results and this is it.

Have you ever masturbated to fan fic?
84 percent of respondents said YES.

Is it something you do on a regular basis?
Occasionally, but not often: 51 percent
Once a week: 19 percent
Every day: 16 percent
Never ever: 15 percent.

82 percent of you read fan fic online while doing the dirty deed. My takeaway from this? You people must all LIVE ALONE.

Has fan fic ever inspired you to immediately go and masturbate?
Occasionally, but not often: 53 percent
Once a week: 22 percent
Every day: 13 percent
Never ever: 12 percent

What fics are bullet-proof in getting you off? Links please.

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