November 5th, 2006

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Happy Sunday!

Supernatural recs:

  • Make This Go On Forever by misread_. (Sam/Dean, VID)
    How Dean deals with John's death and with Sam. I had honest-to-God TEARS in my eyes by the end of this. It is so, so well done.

  • Mine by amara_m. (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,427 words)
    Sam owns Dean. Lots of dirty fact, the author calls it "verbal masturbation." GUH! amara_m gets the kink right every time. I am fangirling on her an embarrassing amount.

  • One Cloud Scattered Night by audrarose. (Sam/Dean, R, 5,000 words)
    Sam gets trapped in a nightmare and Dean has to go in and lead him back to consciousness. I love this story so much. It's a really unique story-style and it's chock full of emotion and powerful images. *cuddles the boys*

  • The Pain of Delight by merepersiflage. (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 2,770 words)
    The boys get snowed in and decide to play. You know Sam has a pain kink in this universe, yeah? I love every single thing merepersiflage has ever written and this is no exception. SO FREAKING HOT.

  • Semper Fi by veronamay. (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 1,451 words)
    Sam returns home after a stint with the marines. (I will go ahead and confess: I've read this five once a day since it was posted. I can even recite parts of it verbatim. *facepalm* This story is so....GUH. I'm keeping it forever. And doing my very best to bribe veronamay for a continuation.

    Jared and Jensen recs:

  • Cinema Gods in the Night by notthequiettype. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 2,220 words)
    Jen is a little dominant, Jared is a little high. Add the two and you get scorching hotness. (And Ash had the nerve to tell me her porn was broken! WhatEVER!)

  • Testing a Theory by lostt1. (Jared/Jensen, NC-17, 4,213 words)
    Jared has a crush. Also, the boys dress up as Sam and Dean for a Halloween party, and it amuses me to no end that they swap characters.

    And bonus Smallville! *beams*

  • Born And Bled For You by txtequilanights. (Clark/Lex, NC-17, 3,293 words)
    Clark. With. Nipple. Rings. YES.


    Some hottie pics of Jared and Jensen that were just hanging out on my desktop waiting to be posted:

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