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this type of life didn’t come with instructions

I fear I am going off the deep end a bit. Let us recap:

1. Thursday I had a huge fight with my mom. Still not speaking to her.
2. Yesterday I was in an all-day staff development session that was so incredibly insulting on so many levels, in so many ways...that I'm pretty sure I cannot even fill out the evaluation form because I'd be fired on the spot.
3. Wincon registration is giving me headaches and I sort of want to punch the wall.
4. I have to go to the diagnostics place on my lunch hour today so they can take blood so my doctor can decide if I need a changed prescription before Christmas because I am out and using samples. (Recap: no lunch break, poked with a needle, HURRY UP DOC, possible increased-thyroid-rage on the horizon, can't run out, AHHHH.)


In better news:

1. Seven days and four hours from now, I will be on my way to see Addison and Drew!
2. I tasted the most AMAZING peppermint fudge Thursday.
3. It was great fun to have all the staff from every library branch in our system in one place yesterday. I wish I could hang out with all the amazing people, all the time.
4. I am off tomorrow and I am going to hibernate and pout and be angry and get it ALL out of my system in one fell swoop. I also am going to make three dozen chocolate cupcakes.

LIFE! *throws up hands*
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