January 20th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Two Recs

I just ran FIVE HOURS of errands in the pouring rain and I am freezing and damp and and hungry. But! I came home to this:

  • Never is a Promise (And I’ll Never Need a Lie) by __tiana__. This is a missing scene from Playthings, and it is PERFECT.

  • Jared's Got a Gun (the Whole World's Come Undone) by anasuede. A little RPS gun!porn, HELL YEAH. You know De by now and you know her porn is too hot for words. Hotter even than burning! YES.

    *fans self* Suddenly I feel all warm again. MMMMM.

    Happy Saturday LJ.
  • SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

    Cry Wolf

    WELL OK.

    Cry Wolf actually is a pretty good movie. MAN.

    And Jared is adorable and wears a school uniform and they call him Tex and he hangs a Texas flag in his window just like Colby Donaldson! And he grins a lot and is a big, dumb, goofy jock!

    And the main character guy sort of looks like Jensen if you squint and pretend he has blond highlights.

    And good grief, Sandy looks like she's about 16. It's...odd.. Wait. She wasn't 16, was she???

    Oh AND! I love how they worked out the ending. I mean, OBVIOUSLY. But they still did a great reveal.

    Sooooo much better than Devour or House of Wax. A zillion times better.
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