January 22nd, 2007

Jared Belt Buckle


Yes, so, I had this BRILLIANT idea to invite SPN fangirls over to my house for a viewing party some Saturday. I decided the best way to do this was through a comm. (shut up Fi.) So, I went searching for a name and stumbled onto spn_texas. Dude! Someone else had my brilliant idea first! The comm wasn't actually open for business yet, so I emailed the mods and they were kind enough to let me get involved.

The focus of the community is a little different then what I had in mind (I think they are more concentrated on on-line interaction while I really want to make off-line meet-ups happen), still, I think we'll be able to hit a happy medium.

It should be lots and lots of fun. SO! If you live in Texas, you like SPN and you might want to come hang out with me and squee about our boys...spn_texas.

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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Jared Update, Thought about John

Jared Update:
I have in my hand a $325 cashier's check made out to The Woodstock Foundation (even though the first time, the teller at the bank spelled it "Woodstalk" 0_o) for the donation we're making in Jared's name. We should get some sort of acknowledgment card in return, which we plan to give him at Fangoria. I also will print off some background on Woodstock so he has that, though I'm sure he'll never read it. And I think mkitty3 has something else up her sleeve too. So, we should have a nice little packet to hand off to him and show him how much his fans love him.

mkitty3 read that we're only allowed to give the celebs gifts during the autograph signing, which sort of gives me heart palpations because I just keep picturing 12-year-old handing him sweaty teddy bears that get shoved into a big box under the table. SO, I decided to make a copy of the donation card and mail that to Jared after Fangoria. That way, at least his office will have a record of the donation.

John Thought:
Saturday I was waiting on my oil change and reading The Buffy the Vampire Slayer Watcher's Guide, and I read the episode recap where they bury Joyce. My very first thoughts was "OH NO THEY DIDN'T BURN THE BODY" and then I laughed at myself. Wrong mythology universe, whoops? (Dude, Kenny is DEAD.)

But then! Then I had an interesting thought.

OK, they burn the body to put the spirit at rest right? So it can't come back and cause trouble on earth? I mean, I'm actually asking...is that right?

OK, well we know John's spirit/soul/whatever is still out there being tortured in Hell (HI ANGEL!) or whatever because the demon said so in Crossroad Blues. But, they burned his body! So he can't come back...at least not in that body.

So...if John ever DOES return, will he be played by a different actor?

I mean, I looooooove JDM, you know I do! But it makes sense with the mythology. And fits with Jeff being busy filming his own series.

For no reason at all, I am intrigued.
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