January 26th, 2007

Handcuff Kink

The Community, The Challenge, The Clothes

The Community:

OK. So. You're an SPN fan. You love the show. You want more people to watch it. You're panicking slightly about Kripke saying there was only a 50-50 chance of us getting a third season. If there was something you could do to change that, you would...right?

And you love Jared and Jensen. And you want their careers to keep on growing. And if you could impact that....you'd do it, wouldn't you?

Well, there IS something you can do. mkitty3 has started up a comm called promote_spn. The premise is to do letter campaigns to various magazines, on-line polls, etc. in order to get them to cover SPN and our boys. Michelle will give you an idea of what to write and tell you where to send it. All you have to do it physically do it. And man...it could honestly make a big impact on the future of our show. So, please go join, go play, go help us get the word out. *shoos you*

The Challenge:

Anyone who know me knows that I kink HARD on handcuffs. OK, so last night kueble and I were discussing them (as you do) and I had this image-flash of Sam and Dean handcuffed together. And then she said this:

Oh man. YES. Like it started out as some kind of training exercise where they cuffed themselves together to spar or something. And then it dissolved into a thinly veiled attempt to touch each other while straining at the cuffs. And then they managed to get enough clothing off to fuck, all the while still cuffed together.

And then? My brain melted. And now? I am desperate for some new handcuff fic. Can be Sam handcuffed, can be Dean handcuffed, can be the boys handcuffed together, they can be handcuffed to an inanimate object, they can have their own hands handcuffed together...I DON'T CARE!

So...can we have some new fics about Sam, Dean and handcuffs? Who will do that for me? I will beg better then Jensen if it'll help. *gets on knees*

The Clothes:

Today I am wearing baggy jeans, a black belt with silver studs, worn-out black Converse, a black suit jacket and a grey t-shirt that says "I have decided to put myself in charge." I am SUBVERSIVE. *beams*

Happy Friday y'all.
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

How Dean Spent His Birthday

PHEW! *wipes sweat from brow* OK, I am DONE!

Here is the Master List of all the Dean birthday fic I could find. There are two types included here: fics taking place ON Dean's birthday and fics written FOR Dean's birthday. Make sense?

There's a bit of everything....slash, het, gen, G all the way up to NC-17. So take a look, enjoy, loooove on the authors, YAY!

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If I missed your story, throw me a link. If I messed up your coding, point it out to me.

Enjoy babies!
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SPN: Sam Reads LJ


OMG! anasuede keeps making me blush! She's so rotten! Why do people like to make me blush so much??

In unrelated news, my email in-box is empty. EMPTY. This makes me so sad and lonely. *fake pouts* I think you should email me. With anything! Keep me company! Let's chat! Come on, do it!

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