February 5th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


I'm siiiiiick. *whines* My throat hurts and my chest is tight and I'm all achy. Also? I'll be in CHICAGO tomorrow. *facepalm* I dropped the dogs off at the kennel this morning and now I just have to make myself finish packing. Don't wanna. WHY must packing suck so much?

I posted some info. at fangoria_07 about meeting up on Saturday for fangirl squee so look at that, if you're going to Chicago. To see Jared. In EIGHTEEN days.

Uhm and...I'm eating a candy bar and a coke right now. For desk-brunch, I guess. Nutrition, what?

I'm so sleepy. I could sleep for the next seven days.

Which oddly, reminds me that I only just realized I'll be missing SPN Thursday. I guess I'll see it Saturday morning after I'm back home. I've very worried about this episode. I'm honestly not at all sure I am emotionally equipped to handle it. No fooling. (And yes, I feel slightly ridiculous admitting that out loud.) I may need support group assistance after seeing it. I'm like, PRE-angsting. *whimper*

Yes, ok, this entry is all over the map. Back to my sugar and trying to work...
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Some recs before I go off to my cold, cold doom...

  • The Best Disguise by kantayra -- (Sam/Dean, PG-13, 1,267 words) -- Spoilers for Nightshifter. This is one of those great fics that wraps the story around the canon and leads it right back where my slashy heart wants it to be.

  • Between Midnight and 4 a.m. by moveablehistory -- (Sam, Dean or Sam/Dean, PG, 250 words) -- John handcuffs the boys together as a training exercise. It absolutely boggles me that the author crammed so much story into 250 words.

  • Everybody Knows by merihn -- (Sam/Dean, R, 1,971 words) -- Sam and Dean get arrested and are handcuffed to a table. However shall they pass the time? Hot, hot, and then there's some more hot!

  • Wanted Men by anasuede -- (Sam/Dean/you, NC-17, 2,600 words) -- All of De's fic is too hot for description, this is no exception. Go read it. Be prepared to flail and pass out. You can thank me later.
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