February 6th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Going, going, gone

OK, so I am off for Chicago trip #1. My head is all sick-fuzzy so this should be a BLAST.

I have on a long-sleeved white tee, a short-sleeved black tee, a blue and orange Sam-flannel, jeans and running shoes. I just broke a sweat. (High today in Dallas? 72 degrees. High today in Chicago? -1.) My gloves, hat and scarf are in the outside pocket of my suitcase so I can get them out after I land. I have an insulated coat-thing.

It's the very best a Texas girl can do.

I should be able to get online some in the evenings. Will be back home Friday evening.

Love you all, have a good week! *blows kisses*
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Chicago Baby

I just walked to dinner! In the snow! I can't decide which is more ludicrous....that I walked (hahaha) or that I walked in the snow (HAHA!) Oh life!

So far, I have not frozen to death. This is a good thing. As a bonus, I found S1 of Doctor Who and S1 of 24 on my store visits today. Pretend I'm making that rockin' horns thing with my fingers right now.

For the first time EVER that I've been away from LJ, I'm not reading back over what I've missed. My sanity just won't allow it right now. I feel insanely guilt for this and I hope you'll forgive me. If you want me to read something or if you found awesome fic, feel free to link me. On the flip side, I HATE when people post asking for links so if you don't, that's ok too! Just know I'm thinking about you even though I'm just...very selfish and self-involved this week. Trying not to DIE IN THE SNOW is about all I can handle.

I miss you all, and my home, insanely.

P.S. What's better than booze? Booze that has been EXPENSED.
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