February 26th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Ash's Birthday Post and SPN RECS

Today is notthequiettype's birthday. On the off-chance you don't know her, Ash is amazing. She is funny, smart, supportive, enthusiastic, never complains about anything, always listens and just, in general, makes my life better every single day simply by being part of it.

Legend has it that anasuede and I met notthequiettype for the first time when we convinced her to spontaneously drive from LA to Las Vegas in the middle of the night to see us.

That part is true.

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In addition to everything ELSE that is cool about Ashley, she's also a KILLER writer. She writes funny things. She writes burning hot things. She writes incredible, amazing things.

If you aren't familiar with Ash's work, you should just take a day and read everything she's ever written. It's worth it.

BUT, if you don't have that luxury, here's a starting place...here are eleven recs you must read. Do not pass go, do not collect $100. Just READ. And then tell Ash how amazing you think she is too.

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Dear AshBear:
I love you, Happy birthday!
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

she wants a riot, she wants a riot

I have some things to tell you!

Over at promote_spn, one of our projects was sending postcards to a couple of writers at Entertainment Weekly. And one of them? Acknowledged the campaign in the magazine. You can see it here: click-click-click!

As previously mentioned, today is notthequiettype's birthday. YAY! *throws confetti* As her birthday gift, we pretty much want people to spam the crap out of her journal today. So, please go right here and tell her happy birthday! You can just leave a "hi" comment, you can link to a story, post a picture, upload a song, write a haiku...anything you want! If you know Ash, then you know she deserves the attention. If you don't know Ash then, well, here's your excuse to go over and introduce yourself!

I just downloaded my pics from Fangoria and they're all pretty much crap. I might post a few tomorrow anyway. BUT! If you have any good ones, send them to me. Pretty please? With sugar on top?

I so enjoyed meeting everyone and I'll do a recap after my eyes cease being sleep-worn and blurring. Fangirls are AWESOME and I was pretty sure I couldn't love you guys any more but lo and behold...I DO! *squishes*

Rachel and I got back to my house at 2 a.m. Just so you know. I'm just never gonna be a fan of ice and snow. She's left to go home and I think I'm having a little separation anxiety.

Yes, ok. Nap time.

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