March 7th, 2007


when will you come to your senses, when will you fall for me?

topaz119, thank you so much for the Rosie the Riveter virtual gift. I love that it's a strong woman (RAWR!), I love that it's for charity, I love that you thought of me. Thank you lovely!

Thank you to the two anon people who have sent me virtual gifts lately too. I sure wish you'd attach your name though so I can love on you appropriately.

I also got an awesome care package from why_me_why_not, which I will brag about in more detail later.

I feel SO SICK again today. My head is killing me (anyone have tips of flying with a massive sinus headache?) and my stomach is sooo nauseous. All I could picture driving into work was those dumb PCD girls who were sick and throwing up in the bags on the way to auditions. Bleh.

I am defiantly in my "bad-LJ-friend" cycle at the moment. Real life is just kicking my ass and I'm having a less and less LJ time every day. I read back over my flist this morning and commented on exactly ONE post...but I did read everything, I swear! I just...time is scarce, y'all. Be patient with me. It'll even out soon.

*love and kisses*
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