March 12th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

SPN Drinking Game

So, right before Fangoria, I asked people to make suggestions for an SPN drinking game. It was pretty funny but I never made an actual list because I didn't feel like having to spend the weekend taking fangirls to the hospital.

BUT! People keep asking for it, so here it is.

Be aware that if you actually play this game then you will probably DIE.

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Did we miss any biggies?

Oh! Also, someone on my flist posted this link yesterday and it is AWESOME. It's a YouTube vid someone made about playing an SPN drinking game with the boys. It's freaking hysterical.

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ETA: Aaaaaand schneestern just had the BEST idea. I will buy beer at WinCon for whoever writes porny fic where Jensen and Jared play exactly this drinking game while watching SPN. *beams*
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