March 31st, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Dear Tom: Get me a beer!

I have had a very productive day! I have:

-gotten my eyebrows waxed
-gotten my car washed
-turned in my coin jar for cash
-picked up a prescription
-been to the grocery store
-done two loads of laundry
-done the dishes
-cleaned the kitchen
-made my March music post
-located and copied my SS card for Dad
-worked on my Phoenix trip plans


And now I have a To Do FOR YOU!

The new round for slashfest has opened. Now, here is the thing! The mod tells me that prompts for SPN and CW RPS are pretty much non-existent this go-round. What the heck people? Are you gonna let a little reoccurring incest wank deprive us of some really awesome stories and ideas? I DIDNT THINK SO!

So just go right here and leave a prompt. You don't have to write or claim anything just to leave a story idea. So go on! DO IT! Don't let fandom me our boys down!

And now? I am off to eat Mexican food and drink A LOT and watch wild girls on skates knock each other around. That's right! It's roller derby night! WOOOOOOOOO!

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