May 13th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Jake Gyllenhaal

Last week, someone recced me some fic with Jake Gyllenhaal, which was verryy nice. Then, I was walking through the store and spotted a copy of the February GQ, with Jake on the cover.

Obviously, I snatched that up to scan the pics.

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Do I even NEED to point out the Converse?
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Porn, ok? This post is about porn.

I've talked before about how I really don't like to watch actual porn. It just isn't what appeals to me personally. But people keep posting stuff or sending me stuff that they think I'll like and I pretty much just do whatever I'm told, so. Maybe I watch some of it.


I have thoughts.

OK, first of all, it weirds me out that guys in porn all have thier BALLS SHAVED.

Second, I cannot watch a 30 minute blow job, it's SO BORING.

And third, I'm pretty sure what I just saw was filmed in a hotel room and now I'm wigging out because I stay in a lot of hotels and what if they are FILMING GAY PORN in all the rooms around me??!!?


P.S. anasuede says she used to work in a hotel and they definitely DO film porn in them all the time. I can't breathe a little. NOT IN A GOOD WAY, IN A PANIC ATTACK WAY. *hides face*
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