May 17th, 2007

SPN: Anything for Your Brother

I freaking love Thursdays

Upfronts AND the SPN finale today. Be still my heart.

I get phaballa tomorrow and txtequilanights on Saturday. *beams* Mine, mine, allll mine!

What can we do to make today go by as fast as possible?

Here's what I want you to do:

  • Tell me something that makes you happy today.

  • Rec me the filthiest, porniest fic you secretly love. Any pairing, any fandom, any whatever. As long as it's burning hot and dirrrrty.

  • Tell me an alcoholic drink I should make and force-feed to Andrea and Rachel this weekend. Our goal is to only drink things that taste like CANDY.

  • Upload a song for me that makes you think of either Sam and Dean (or SamandDean) or Jared and Jensen (or JaredandJensen).

  • Post pictures of any incredibly hot, drool-worthy guy you can think of. Anyone is fair game, whether or not his first name starts with the letter "J".


    ETA: You don't have to do ALL the things on that list. Just pick the ones that sound fun to you. *beams*
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