May 31st, 2007

Hold Me Down Hands

It's Thursday Again!

Being sick sucks A LOT.

Do you realize that Big Bang posting starts in SIX DAYS? I can hardly contain myself.

Also, please be going to:

  • Leave prompts for schmoopfest right here. Any fandom, any pairing, all schmoop!

  • Join fandom_counts, if you haven't already.

  • Check out the Inappropriate Content challenge right here for forbiddenfic.

    I'm having a tough time keeping up with my flist lately. I'm not at all sure how to manage it. Friends cut? Reading filters? I don't know what to dooooooo.

    Last weekend, I was talking to notthequiettype and she mentioned a piece of fan fic that she loved. She sighed wistfully and said "I really wish *I* had written that." I thought that was about the BEST compliment you could give another author and it got me to wondering...

    What one piece of existing fanfiction do you wish YOU had written?

    If I get a decent response, I'll do a link recap for y'all, without names.!

    There should be new J2 and SPN tattoo porn. Just sayin'.

    I'm feeling a little manic, perhaps using coffee to wash down the cold meds was a mistake?
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