June 1st, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Fangirls Are Made of Crack

OK, first of all, I made azewewish write me comment porn in SOMEONE ELSE'S JOURNAL. *beams* And what idiosyncratic did for me there ain't bad either! MMMM.

azewewish did a cleaned-up (hotter) version here: Welts. It's Chad/Chris, porny and smoking hot.

You can find idiosyncratic's handcuff comment fic, which made me laugh out loud, right here. It's CW RPS and made of awesome.

I just drank a HEE-UGE java chip frap in notthequiettype's honor. It was YUM. Like a big, chocolate milkshake...with caffeine!

improperlydone tells me that there will be both Wendy and Dean hurricanes this year. That makes me embarrassingly happy.

I have decided that sometimes Dean gets really drunk and sings We Belong by Pat Benatar to Sam. No really, look up the lyrics. He so does.

I blame every single thing under the cut on phaballa, notthequiettype and anasuede. I? Merely took notes. For reals.

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