June 5th, 2007

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FYI for the masses...

I was encouraged to share this even though the whole topic makes me uncomfortable and squirmy.

I asked some of my local PR buddies if anyone could get me back stage to see Jensen this week, in an official capacity. I'm not interested in stalking him at the stage door but if there was a press meeting or an event with city people, I wanted in.

I got four different people responding telling me how amped up security is and that they are doing NO backstage events, NO fan things, nothing. Casa is freaked about it, Jensen is unprepared and they just all said NO.

Obviously, he could change his mind and do anything he wants in the moment but the playhouse is saying no, no, no.

Casa wouldn't even give tickets in exchange for trade-out advertising, which is pretty much unheard of.

It actually made me feel better about people (myself included) trying to stalk him. I think things are going to be pretty locked-down.

So enjoy the play, but if you're going there just to stalk Jensen, don't count on being able to get close or even get pictures. They've got it locked down tight, it's probably not worth missing half the play to stalk the stage door.

Have fun, have a drink, hang out with your buddies. It'll be awesome!
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notthequiettype told this funny story in her journal about some guy hitting on her and when she said she lived with her parents, he replied "It's hard to get privacy there, huh?"

And now? NOW I am desperately craving John (or anyone, really)-is-in-the-next-room Wincest.

I need recs, I need links, I need drabbles, I need ANYTHING! (ETA: Old stories are fine! Things I've already read are fine! Give them to me AGAIN.)

Pretty please?
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Quote of the Day

"Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are."
--John Wooden