June 8th, 2007

SPN: Dean Loves Pie

Friday, Friday, Friday!

It is Friday! My boss is out of the office today, I'm already on my third cup of coffee AND I get fangirl love allll weekend! *beams*

Today is a happy day.

Sexy Sentence-A-Thon was a smashing success. Definitely go check it out, if you haven't already. It's not too late to drool play!

Is it bad LJ-etiquette to pre-pimp a story? phaballa's Big Bang gets posted today and I've pretty much blocked out my afternoon for re-reading. It's amazing. I cannot WAIT. So very, very good. *counts down the minutes*

I really wish LJ wouldn't put my recent comments on the HOMEPAGE. I mean, maybe I don't want to flash those to the people around me, or getting caught in my cache or whatever. HUMPH.

OK, that's all, I'm done. For now. COME BE HAPPY WITH ME TODAY!

P.S. Top Chef's Ilan must have lost a bet to wear that haircut on national TV. Yes or no?
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Chris's Celebrity Liner Notes

For awhile now, phaballa has been telling me that I need to read the liner notes from the Celebrity CD, purely for the amusement-factor. Chris's especially, she said.

OK, so, I finally found a copy downstairs and thought I'd share Chris's insane-ness.

Collapse )

Oh yeah, he wrote that while high. For sure. *nods wisely*

I have no Chris icons and this makes me SAD.

Also, all the pictures on this insert are SCORCHING hot. FYI.
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