August 28th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


1. It only is 63 days until my birthday! I can't wait. This is a big milestone birthday too...35. I'm really excited. Come ON birthday! *throws glitter* Maybe I'll even buy a cake this year.

2. SPN phone sex recs list right here.

3. __tiana__! Ti! Ti! *bounces around you* Guess what I saw today? Starbucks has Pumpkin Spice lattes back. Can you GUESS what that means I'm wanting more of? Huh, huh? CAN YOU? I'll even beg if ya want!

4. I'm told that the first season of Friday Night Lights comes out today. So, have a look-see at Entertainment Weekly's "5 Reasons to Watch FNL":

Collapse )

ETA: I have been informed that there even is a money-back guarantee. If you buy the DVDs, watch them and don't love the show, FNL will send you your money back. It's NO LOSE. But you WILL love the show. So go get those DVDs, ok?

5. Happy birthday to storydivagirl, hegemony and rheyamorgaine! *blows you birthday kisses*
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

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So...I have this icon here:

which was made by xeverybody_else (I think) and I sort of love it. But I kinda think it's crying out for some sort of personalization. *ponder*

My name?
Jared's name?
a confession of my undying love for Jared?
something witty?
something sweet?
leave it plain?

I do not know! What do you think? Any one feel creative enough to tackle it?
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