August 31st, 2007

Fangirl Wendy

Baby, I will make you a STAR

A couple days ago, someone was teasing me about maybe hosting a friending meme because they wanted some new SPN buddies to tide them over through hiatus. And HEY! Boosting the squee content and mutual-love among my flist sounds good to me. And people seemed interested, so...

First, post a comment about yourself. Then, check back and see who else has posted. Comment to new people! Start conversations! Friend people! It's all for fun!

Here's a handy template, the better for everyone to stalk you get to know you:

  • Hi! I'm (username):
  • Why are you here? (new to the fandom, want a bigger f-list, really incredibly bored right now, I NEED SQUEE, etc.)
  • Likes: (characters, pairings, genres, interests, kinks)
  • Dislikes: (characters, pairings, genres, squicks, pet peeves)
  • What do you talk about in your LJ?
  • The story I reread as often as possible is:
  • I have a secret. *leans in close* I--___. (In other words, something you'd just like to say.)
  • Fandoms I am very interested in:
  • Other links: (link to your fics, website, list, community, etc.)

    OK, GO!

    This only works if you guys play along, so spread the word, yeah?
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    Spite and Porn

    (no subject)

    phaballa and txtequilanights are in my living room right now watching Emerald Cove. As soon as I get offline, we're going to do Nysnc CRAFTS. Oh yes!

    The friending meme is going awesome! Keep playing! Keep spreading the happy!

    Anywho, this is it for me until Tuesday. I'll reply to comments and stuff then and drown you all in stories about Vegas, Justin and "Adventures With Bobbleheads".

    Happy holiday weekend y'all! I kinda love you guys. Just in case you didn't know.
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