October 3rd, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Top Ten Stress Busters

I'm having a lot of job stress and am really trying to just focus on taking one day at a time. I ran across this article and thought y'all might be interested in it too:

Stress often presents itself in both emotional and physical ways. Your body sees the saturation level on the horizon, and begins waving warning flags at you, pleading for your attention to resolve and recover from the tension. Do something to ease the stress with these simple tasks.

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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


This whole working at work thing? SUCKS. I feel so disconnected from everyone.

I DID have a whole post planned for tomorrow though about getting people excited for the SPN premiere but...it appears 90 percent of fandom already has seen the episode. So. Never mind?

A few weeks ago, I had this conversation with my mom:

Mom: Your dad and I discovered this really good new TV show. It's a reality-thing, you'd like it!
Wendy: Oh yeah? What is it?
Mom: Well! These people are in teams of two and they race to these different destinations all over the world and do these challenges...
Wendy: *facepalm*

She's sooooo proud of herself for discovering The Amazing Race for the first time. I love my mom!

I'm starting to have extreme WinCon anxiety. *breathes in paper bag*

Today sucked. Tomorrow will be better.

I watched Pushing Daisies. Am I the only person who mostly just thinks that...it's hokey?

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