October 8th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


I'm just gonna ramble a little, ok?

First of all, WHERE IS ALL THE FIC? Hiatus is over, we should be drowning in hot SPN stories and yet...no. *sadface* What can we do about this problem? Do you need story ideas? A challenge? What?

I fell Saturday. Off the top of my desk. (I was trying to hang something) I was pretty sure I'd broken my arm because it was all bent up and I could feel pressure and tension in my shoulder. But, as soon as I moved, it was fine. And then I was pretty sure I'd also broken my nose because my face was throbbing. But no. I have a very sexy cut across the bridge of my nose, but no breaks. Just lots of bruises and soreness but...I survived.

I have GOT to pack tonight. I'm going to Houston Wednesday and Thursday for work and flying back to DFW Thursday night just in time to catch my plane out to LA for WinCon. I expect to be EXHAUSTED.

Oh man. I get to hug fangirls in FOUR DAYS. *bounces* I can't wait!

I am alone in the office today, which is awesomesauce. (Yes, I'm reviving that word.) I'm sure there was a point in bringing this up...

Oh yeah! It's Monday! I'm alone in the office! Let's chat! *puts chin on hand* What's up?

P.S. Last night I dreamed that I came home from work today and Jared (in the blue shirt, from the new pics) was sprawled out on my couch. *crosses fingers*
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Jared Padalecki is an Angel: The Mix

So. I wanted to do something for burn_list, but I really suck at making mixes. So, I knew it would end up being a title word search, because that's how I deal with music. But what word to choose? *ponders*

I was in the car and the DJ on the radio was blabbing about something and he said "the person you love should be your angel." And ok, I think he was making fun of some guy but WHATEVER. I ran with it.

Jared Padalecki is an Angel

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