October 19th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


Happy birthday to my sweet improperlydone and to halfshellvenus! I've gotten to hug both these lovely ladies in-person and they're both AWESOME, so go give them birthday love!

I had to turn the HEATER on in my car this morning!! WTF Winter??? I do not approve.

Yes, I liked SPN last night. Mostly I'm validated to see so much Sammy-squee. I've been TRYING to tell you!! ("I lost my shoe." OH BABY.) I love him. In case you were unaware.

This is going to be a super-busy weekend but I'm really looking forward to Saturday. Several of my buddies are going over to my mom's house so we can have combined baby time. Heather has a new one I've not met yet and I already have crushes on Jordan and Max (the baby, not my puppy). And Addison will be there too. So. BABIES.

txtequilanights and I almost stole a baby in LAX. FYI.

Speaking of LAX, I was so sick Monday. I laid right down on the (very, very clean) LAX carpet and slept. It was the only thing that quelled my nausea. By the time I got home, I was much better. I've been fine all week. Today? Nauseous again. It's stomach cancer, isn't it? (Shhh, I've been mainlining old House episodes. I blame HIM for the paranoia.)

Eleven days until my birthday! *squeaks* I love my birthday. I'm considering making (and by "making," I mean "buying") a cake. Or possibly rice crispy treats. Or maybe cupcakes from Sprinkles since everyone in LA was talking about them and we have a store here in Dallas that I've never been to. *ponders*

*makes dramatic arm gestures*

Friday! IT'S FRIDAY!
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