November 9th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

SPN Love Meme

So...I had an idea. This will either be my most brilliant thing EVAH, or it'll be the dumbest thing I ever tried to get people to do. Let's find out which!

You know how there occasionally are love memes and people comment with their names and then other people respond and say what they love about that person? Well, let's do it for Supernatural.

Comment with something related to the show (Dean, the colt, sexual tension, funky motel rooms, Sam's hair, Kim Manners, lock pick sets, Bloody Mary, WHATEVER) and then other people will respond and say what they love about that element of the show.

Sound like it might be fun? Let's try! GO!
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Cupcakes are Yummy

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Today is the birthday of two people I love dearly.

sarah_p whose good moods are unparalleled . I'd be SHOCKED if she made a whole post without capital letters! Also, she has become a vital part of my SPN-watching process as she always does the very best, most acurate musicshare posts. Love ya Sarah-baby! MWAH MWAH!


Today is topaz119's birthday! I've gotten to meet Topaz in-person, for which I am forever grateful. She is just as sweet and genuine as she is online. She also is responsible for every bit of NSync music I own and co-wrote one of my most favorite J2 stories EVAH. So much talent, generosity, personality and love. I'm honored to know you M! Have a wonderful, fabulous day.

P.S. I am SO amazingly jealous of everyone going to Chicago this week. Y'all have a blast and send Jared secret love vibes from me, ok?