December 7th, 2007

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

it's just space and time

All night I dreamed about Jared Padalecki and babies. It's driving me CRAZY. I need those fluffandfold fics SO BAD!

Also, I've been re-reading Monogatari this week and finished it yesterday. This morning, a black Range Rover pulled in front of me in traffic and I swear to you that I got a full body flush. Y'all. That's not a normal reaction!

I have a question about Sam and Dean and killing humans. Collapse )

Lastly, have a song: Devotion by Indigo Girls.

I've had enough temporary acquisitions, building fences for no gain
Taking dead trees down for the winter freeze,
I said "let 'em rot and fall where they may."
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Pick one!

If you could only read one piece of fan fiction for the rest of your life, what one fic would you choose?

If you have reasons, that's even better but not necessary. Links though, are necessary.

(If I get enough any responses, I'll post a list next week.)

ETA: any fandom, any pairing, any whatever. It's up to you.
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