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I am your paper; you are my glitter and glue

Today was my holiday story time and it went very well. One of the moms said she didn't know it was the first day of Hanukkah until I told them, so that made me feel weirdly accomplished. Also, I totally teared up while reading "You Are My Miracle," GAH!

This weekend I made amaaaazing chocolate cupcakes for the people at my branch and for the youth center people at Central Everyone goggled them right up, so I consider that a success too! I did half with chocolate frosting and half with peppermint...sort of. The first batch of peppermint I did tasted AWFUL. I think maybe my peppermint extract was rancid? I don't know. But then I just did a batch of vanilla and mixed in a bunch of crushed candy canes, and it tasted divine.

Side note: I so love the big mixer I got for my birthday. I dump junk into it, empty the top rack of the dishwasher, look back...and there is butter cream icing! Amazing AND multi-tasking!!

I smeared the extra butter cream between graham crackers and that also was a success. S-U-C-C-E-S-S-!

It has only just occurred to me that I'm leaving town in a few days. WHOOPS. Guess I need to do laundry and pack? I do have my presents mostly wrapped though, so that's a positive.

Two questions for you LJ:

*Have you ever made your own peanut butter? I don't have a food processor, but none the less, I am intrigued by the thought.

*Also, do any of you have experiences using coconut oil as a conditioner on your hair? I've been reading about this a lot lately, but most of the information seems to come from places that SELL coconut oil. So, I'm looking for some practical experience from the smartest people I know -- you guys! Thoughts?

Yesterday a co-worker asked if I'd ever watched Boondock Saints. I said yes and then he asked what I thought about it. I barely managed to squeak out, "Hot brothers? I'm in." without inserting the word "incest" somewhere. GOOD GRAVY. Fandom is ruining me.

Speaking of fandom! This summer when my house was hit my lightning and my computer was ruined, I lost all the play counts in my itunes, including on my podfic. I decided to go back through and start listening to it all again (instead of just keeping old stuff and listening to new stuff, which was my routine before.) It has been SO FUN. So far I've listened to:

  • That He Will by grace_fully, and read by countess.
  • Creeping Around in My Head by lazy_daze, and read by juice817.
  • Sacramentum by smallcaps, and read by juice817.
  • Get Some [Ink] by bewaretheides15, and read by reena_jenkins.
  • Common Knowledge by elucreh, and read by juice817.
  • Always By the Book by veronamay, and read by juice817.


    I'm not always great about commenting to podfic, but I really have loved what I've re-listened to so far. Thanks so much to everyone who creates in this art-form. You guys should give it a listen too! More to come!
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