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If years were seasons this December would be the December of our December

First, I sort of adore that Jared and Jensen bought Clif a joint Christmas present. And that it's a watch. I do not know why I even CARE, but I do. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. In some alternate universe Jared is so a watchmaker and Jensen is a jeweler. You know it's true.

Today I am: making smores bars per a co-workers request, wrapping the last Christmas presents, loading all the presents into my car to take them to my parent's house, taking my mom to our annual Christmas tea, zooming back home to check on the dogs, meeting zubeneschamali for delicious Cheesecake Factory and awesome fangirl time, then coming home to fall into bed. PHEW.

People keep following me on Pininterest and I do not know why. Much like GoodReads, I did make an account, but I don't use it. Just, you know, FYI that's why I'm not following everyone back.

Speaking of accounts I have and don't use...Dreamwidth. Same verse, same as the first. Have an account but don't use it. I just realized this is a trend for me, WEIRD. There must be deeper meaning there...

Tell me something awesome about today.

I am off now to ACCOMPLISH EVERYTHING but all I want to do is read fic and I CANNOT. Sigh. ♥
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