January 6th, 2008

SPN: Dean Loves Pie

Dean's birthday, some comms, body image

I never make real posts on a Sunday, this feels weird...


Last year, I put this together: How Dean Spent His Birthday and it was a freaking blast, so how would you feel about doing it again? Y/Y?

OK then, here's your challenge: Let's have some fic about how Dean celebrates his birthday! *beams*

His actual birth date is January 24, so I'd suggest posting new stuff then. If you link me to it, I'll do a master list after the fact. If everyone is too busy and doesn't actually CARE about Dean and there's no fic written then we never had this conversation. *waves hand in front of your face*

By now, you already know about abouttwoboys, but do you know that slashfest is taking prompt suggestions right now? It is! So, go join both those comms and make some suggestions and get us some awesome new fic to read.

I'm also excited about fandom_reads. I've tried to do several reading groups on LJ and they never seem to work out but the mods are really enthusiastic about this one, so I'm hoping it will. Go play!

Can I put a personal update in the same post as a fandom cruise director-ish update? I say YES!

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And now? This coffee I made is horrible, so I'm off to Starbucks. Happy Sunday y'all!
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