January 7th, 2008


SPN MPREG Masterlist

For a fandom that prides itself on having no lines what-so-ever, I was able to find surprisingly few MPREG fics.

Here are the ones I did find, both SPN and J2. If you know of others, please link me!

Two caveats:
-No WIPs, fics must be completed. If a 'verse or series is still having new chapters posted, wait and link me when it's finished.
-Baby!fic is NOT the same thing as MPREG.

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SPN: Sam Cuddle With Me Dean

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I finally got to see Juno this afternoon and it was so freaking good! I cried. Every single actor played the heck out of their character. Really well done.

Then, I registered for classes, which is all done online now. Back in the olden days, we registered on the phone. Which was so freaking EASY. I also remember registering in-person, where you actually walked around to tables and got cards from your teachers. That was not fun.

But even THAT was more fun than registering online. Night. Mare. It took me two hours! Everything kept crashing! It was chaos! Cats and dogs! Living together! AHHHH!

I cannot stop eating. Nothing satisfies me! I want to eat everything in the world and then create some new things and eat them too. ARGH.

Now, it's 8:30 p.m., and I just now have a chance to read fic for the first time today. Not cool world!

What are YOU up to?
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