February 5th, 2008


Stuff and stuff!

Last night in class, the teacher split us up into discussion groups and put the CUTEST BOY EVER in my group. He's just a wee baby, but still. Adorable. I forced him to sit by me. *grin* And he's smart too. I've decided to secretly crush on him for the semester.

I love when I type something into Google but don't have the phrase quite right and Google responds with "Did you really mean..." Yes Google. YES I DID! It feels a little like victory.

There is not one but TWO posts on my flist this morning about pancakes! I approve! Are pancakes the new pie and I missed it? Mmmmm, pancakes. I WANT.

OK, so this idea will either be very fun or very boring...you decide!

1. Comment to this post and I'll give you a word. A noun. No proper names or adjectives. Just plain nouns.
2. Then YOU go to your own journal and post a picspam related to that word. At least three pictures.
3. You can interpret the word as literal or as creatively as you want. Surprise me!

ETA: Apparently, it's Pancake Tuesday! I did not know!
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