February 22nd, 2008

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Mental Snow Day

Survived the concert last night, Cobra was very fun. Met a zillion awesome fangirls, which always is the best part of these things to me. Everyone is gone now and I'm having fangirl-withdrawal. It's SAD.

I read back over the last three days of LJ in about 15 minutes (no joke). Most of it is SPN episode reactions, which I don't read anyway. So, I'm sure I missed important things. If I did, you can tell me!

I'm very tired. I need to do some homework but all my flist is SUPER EXCITED about having snow days, so I'm thinking...I deserve a mental snow day, yeah?

Want to play a little with music for me? OK, here is what I want you to do:

-Upload the ultimate Wincest song.
-Upload the song Jared or Jensen listens to most often.
-Upload a song that makes you think WENDY!
-Upload the sexiest song you can think of.
-Upload the song with the high play count on your itunes (or whatever).
-Upload a snow day song!

You don't have to do all those, just whichever ones inspire you.

I'll be hanging here at my computer for a bit, drinking coffee and reading fic. So come tell me things! And show me things! Aaaaand...things!
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SPN: Sam's Bright Smile


I was just thinking about a very petty (but harmless) thing I do every week that honestly brings me great joy, even though I should be ashamed.

Then, on the radio, they were talking about people who steal (shoplifting, stealing money from work, stealing candy from your mom, whatever) and get away with it.

And I'm like, fascinated by human behavior today.

So, I want you to confess to me. Tell me what you do that you keep secret.

(You can comment anon if you'd like.)
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