March 7th, 2008

SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

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Today is popmusicjunkie's birthday! WHEEE! Happy birthday Erin! I really mean it about the drinking and chatting. I miss you! Have an awesome birthday. With CAKE.

Do you remember back on Monday when I mentioned that I have to write a paper this week? Guess what? I STILL have to write it. I have until Sunday and I think the research will take longer than the actual writing, but wow. I managed to put that off, huh? MUST WORK ON IT TODAY.

I have one can of Coke left. There is going to be a crisis of epic proportions in my kitchen if I don't get to the store soon.

I'm pretty disillusioned with everything and everyone at the moment, so, you know. Whatever.

The sun is shining bright and the snow is steadily melting. I will get my summer soon! YAY!

A song: Just Like a Pill by Pink

TWENTY DAYS to my LA trip! And some of my fave fangirls! And boys! WOOOO.

Ohmygoodness, this entry has taken me about twenty minutes to write and it says nothing. I cannot CONCENTRATE.
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