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March 19th, 2008 - follow the road that leads away from everything — LiveJournal
I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
I've been on an Indigo Girls BINGE lately. Man, I've been listening to their music for 20 years. It just hits something in me, I love it so much. I've said many times that the Indigo Girls sing the songs of my soul because it's like...it's like they look inside my head and my heart and put those words into poetry and set it to music. It's just incredible how much I identify with their music.

It's mostly just two girls and their guitars. Later stuff has other instruments and techniques added in. Their music is very folk-sy but again, as they grew, they picked up more of a rocker edge. Their lyrics are actual poetry. Their melodies have literally brought tears to my eyes before, so gorgeous.

I wanted to post about some of their lyrics but I couldn't decide how to do it. A top ten list wouldn't work, I could never choose only ten! I decided to post each album, but that sort of sucks too because their first two albums are not my favorite. So, let's start getting that out of the way so we can get onto the good stuff, yeah?

Strange Fire is their first album and it's basically their demo tape. It's very elementary but it's very interesting to compare it to their later stuff and see how much their music has grown. Originally their manager felt their style was too "immature" and that they'd never get a record deal....hearing Strange Fire changed his mind.

Strange Fire: Indigo Girls

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Still haven't done my mid-term. Holy crap I have a procrastination issue.

But! I just bought these shoes and these shoes AND these shoes!

I have nothing to wear them WITH and no where to wear them TO, but that is entirely beside the point. I looove them. YAY SHOES.

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