March 20th, 2008

J2 Hug

Then and Now

So, last night I was looking at this picture of Jared and Jensen:

And I was thinking about how YOUNG they look. But more then that. It's like...they're a little fresh. Unspoiled. Just...people. Do you know what I mean?

Let's look at the boys NOW.

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Hot, right? And all grown up! And They look like they've SEEN things and DONE things now, you know?

Those little fresh-faced boys from the first pic are all gone! Mmmm, I look at them in that picture and I just want to...muss them all up! You know? Good thing that had each other to handle the mussing. Heee.

What do you think?
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SPN: Sam Reads LJ

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Every time I see someone abbreviate "babies" as BBS, I think "Bulletin Board System." No, really. I am THAT old. I cannot even express how much I haaaate text-speak. "Baby" has a whopping TWO extra letters more than "bb." Just spell the word! *flails*

Unrelated (no, really), ze_pink_lady, I got your text yesterday. I tried to reply but my phone battery died, so I don't know if it went through or not. But I did get your message!

It is sunny and gorgeous outside and I have clean sheets on my bed and am trading comments with my flist about Jared and Jensen and their continued hotness.

It is a GOOD day!
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