April 15th, 2008

SPN: Brothers

Nine Days to New SPN!

Hey guys!

Don't forget to go here and give me your predictions for how the season three Supernatural finale will go down. (serious or funny)

I admit I thought that was a fun idea and expected more people to play. But I'm choosing to believe that you've been GATHERING YOUR THOUGHTS, so. Go and tell me what's gonna happen in the finale and what you want for season four too. (ETA: comments are screened at the prediction post, you can't be accidentally spoiled, I PROMISE.)

We are NINE DAYS away from a new Supernatural episode. I'm in this groove of remembering the things I love about the show, so in honor of those nine days, here are nine pictures of Sam and Dean together...

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Baby Yawn

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I need a ruling from the judges.

I went this morning to get some baby shower invitations printed. And the woman and I had a fight.

The invites say "It's a boy!" at the top and then, "please join us for a shower honoring"...and then should it be the baby's name or the mother's name?

Which is correct?

baby's name
mother's name

And then it has all the time, date, place, RSVP information.

So, which is it? (Does this question even make sense outside my head?)
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