April 16th, 2008

Jared Hand on Heart Austin


Last night I dreamed that Jared Padalecki was some super-smart researcher guy and he gave a lecture on something scientific and complicated and I went to hear him speak. And he had on a lab coat and the curls and, you know, HIM and was smokin hot. Also? British. I do not know. But the accent also was smokin.

And then, phaballa locked me out of the hotel room because I was taking too long to re-lace my Converse. (NOT COOL ANDREA!)

In other non-dream news, the Texas Library Association's annual meeting is this week, in Dallas. (It's also the biggest library convention in the US, so...kind of a big deal?) Anyway, I volunteered to hand out pens at the reference booth or something today, I don't even know. I'm sure it'll be vastly exciting. *sarcasm* But I'm volunteering enough that I get a free day pass, which is cool. There are speakers and things!

Though it just occurred to me that none of them will be a British Jared Padalecki, which is a bit if a disappointment.


I'm out!
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