May 12th, 2008

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Happy birthday wickedsin! Hope you're having a great one honey! We need to go to dinner again soon. I'm gonna email you as soon as I post this.

I have a question.

The short version of the story is that I need to put some additional memory into my computer. Is there some sort of target for what amount you need? Just like, in general? My Dad thinks I should just update A Little. I think I should upgrade A Lot. But I also figure there's probably a middle ground. So...what is it? Any suggestions?

(ETA: I wasn't clear! Please don't explain to me how a computer works. Just tell me how much memory you have in YOUR computer.)

I got this book called The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth. It's really interesting. The first food on the first page is artichokes, which I love. I've never cooked them though, so I'm thinking about trying. And then I thought I might try eating my way through the book and see what happens. It'll be a challenge. For one thing, I already know I hate brussels sprouts. But then again, I've never cooked them either so maybe there's a secret way to improve the taste. Also, I'll have to skip all of the meat chapters, which is quite a few items. Also, I don't care how healthy it is, I refuse to drink raw, organic milk. ALSO. Where do you even BUY natto (which looks disgusting anyway)?

Anyway, they outline what's so good about each food and what it does for your body. Artichokes, for example, really good for the liver and actually decrease bile production. I have extremely wonky liver issues already so...bonus!

I think it might be an interesting project. Or, I'll get bored around "leeks" and pretend I never brought this up to begin with. WE SHALL SEE.
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Fangirl Code: I wish they sold Twizzlers in this Funkytown.

So, Saturday I posted about wanting a fangirl "code" to identify people out and about in public.

missyjack (hilariously) suggested we say "I wish they sold Twizzlers here".

heidi8 (brilliantly) suggested "Funkytown."

I smooshed them together to say "I wish they sold Twizzlers in this Funkytown." PERFECT! I mentioned that I wanted a t-shirt that said that and several other people concurred.

riversbend has figured out how to set up a CafePress shop at zero markup (meaning no one makes profit, it just costs what the shirts cost) but....we're missing a DESIGN.

Anyone want to make something that says the Fangirl Code, so we could put it on a t-shirt? If we were to get several designs, we could make several versions. If we get nothing, we'll...punt.

What do you think? Ideas? Graphics? Flashes of brilliance?

In other news, check out this vid, which riversbend linked me to. It's the SPN boys cast in the credits of favorite old TV shows, including: Friends, Buffy, Knight Rider, The Love Boat and many more including, yes...Days of Our Lives. Have a look! Laugh! BE HAPPY!

AHA! Here's the link to the vid on LJ, it's by ash48. Go give her love!
SPN: Sam's Bright Smile

Recs: One SPN, One J2 + Bonus Picspam!

I don't even know what happened but all of a sudden I feel completely better. Like someone flipped a switch. Weird. But, I will TAKE IT.

How about two quick fic recs?

  • On Phthonus' Altar by leonidaslion -- (Sam/Dean, NC-17, 16,421 words) -- Do you remember the smoking hot fic this author wrote about Sam and Dean against the wall in the club? Well. Here's the sequel. And Sam always keeps his promises. This is so smoking hot I almost can't take it. I quite honestly had to go take a walk after I read it.

  • Challenge by without_me -- (Jared/Jensen, NC-17) -- OK, so. You've already read Enough, right? The fic otherwise known as one of my two all-time fave J2 fics EVER? WELL. Here's another installment in that verse that is just as hot and sexy. I won't lie, I've read this one multiple times too. I love this verse SO MUCH.

    Apropos of nothing, I find it randomly interesting that both those fics are sequels and that they both address similar topics. Huh. I'm sure this surprises no one. *grin*

    Then, I was cruising around in my PhotoBucket looking at old pictures of Jared and Jensen and Sam and Dean. I decided to post the first ten that caught my eyes. I fail at counting. Whoops?

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